Telford elects Shaun Davies as their new member of parliament (MP)

Shaun Davies, representing the Labour Party, has been elected as the new MP for Telford following the Parliamentary general election on Thursday 4 July 2024.

Published on: 5 July 2024
A picture of Shaun Davies standing at a lectern on election night, making a speech as the newly elected MP for Telford, with the other party candidates standing behind him.

Voter turn-out in the constituency was 55.38%.

Full results

  • Shaun Davies - Labour Party candidate
    18,212 votes (45%).

  • Alan Adams - Reform UK candidate
    10,110 votes (25%).

  • Hannah Campbell - The Conservative Party candidate
    8,728 votes (21%).

  • John Adams - Green Party candidate
    2,120 votes (5%).

  • Jo McKenna - Liberal Democrats candidate
    1,560 votes (4%).