Council approves changes to Private Sector Housing policy

Changes to Telford & Wrekin Council’s Private Sector Housing Enforcement policy have been approved at cabinet today (Wed).

Published on: 10 July 2024
Better Homes For All

An update on the Better Homes For All Programme recommended updates to the policy which include an amended fee structure for civil penalties and electrical safety regulations.

Better Homes For All seeks to improve housing conditions in the private rented sector across Telford and Wrekin and tackle landlords who don’t adhere to the rules.

The programme was introduced in 2018, and updated in 2020, to improve conditions in the growing private rented sector within the borough. 

In supporting residents to create Better Homes For All, over the last 12 months the Council has addressed 597 requests for service from tenants living in poor housing conditions and carried out 412 inspections, identifying 480 hazards including falls, damp and mould and fire hazards.

The Council has also conducted 64 proactive inspections which have been completed in support of the Building Safer and Stronger Communities programme.

In addition, the Council has tackled rogue landlords and agents by issuing 156 enforcement notices, 44 HMO licences and 12 civil penalty notices, as well as successfully prosecuting a local letting agency, over the past 12 months.

Since Better Homes For All was launched, the Council has also brought 232 long-term empty properties back into use.

Councillor Richard Overton (Lab), Telford & Wrekin Council’s Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Homes, Enforcement and Customer Services, said:

“Through our Better Homes For All programme, we remain committed to building safer, stronger and healthier communities while protecting and enhancing our environment and neighbourhoods.

“The private rented sector (PRS) has doubled in size over the last 10 years and as home ownership continues to be unaffordable, along with a decline in social housing, it means the private rented sector is plugging an essential gap in the market.

“We acknowledge that the majority of landlords operate legally and ensure their properties meet the correct standards and our Better Homes for All programme works to educate and encourage before we move to enforcement.

“This report highlights the work undertaken by the Council in the last 12 months to support our residents in rented accommodation and both support and hold landlords to account.”

Find out more about the Better Homes For All programme here: Cabinet Report Template - Feb 2013 (