Closure of HRCs

Whilst the rationale in closing the HRCs is understandable, I fear it is a huge mistake, as one of our biggest priorities (both collectively and as individuals) MUST be the preservation of sanitary conditions, and the withdrawal of this facility is worrying as it leaves the potential for excess rubbish and items which cannot be placed in kerbside bins to remain both inside and outside properties for a prolonged period. If extra staff are available to assist with domestic collections, I would have expected a more commensurate response to be a return to weekly collection of non-recycable (red top) bins, during the closure of the HRCs. If you are under obligation from Central Government to take this action, I appreciate that you have no alternative, however if you do, I would urge you to re-consider this decision as a matter of urgency, and at the very least to keep the closure period to an absolute minimum. Thank you.