Growing population

The population of Telford is set to grow larger still, with the new grant coming from the West Midlands, to go to build further homes to accommodate an "over spill" from that area. This should add weight, not only to retain the Women's and Children's Department, but the A & E full provision too.

Keep Children’s W&C centre at PRH

What’s changed from 3 years ago when a sound decision was made on a £28M investment? The population in the T&W area is significantly increasing with lots more hosing built and planned housing essentially the younger family profile. Even more reason to justify these cited service being at PRH

Imagination and Understanding

The issue regarding changes between the RSH & PRH should be reviewed with regard to the destruction of the cohesive relationships between members of staff of Specialist Teams, their working environment and the important relationships that have been instilled within the whole of the hospital staff. Special Units are expensive in time and effort to create, re learning lessons and lost relationships lead to tragedy and waste.

PR Hospital

I strongly believe that the intention is to privitise the NHS and have no confidence in Government protestations to the contrary

SErvices at PRH?

We feel more than ever that the children's unit must be kept open as the needs are important as our granddaughter has recently been diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma and is receiving her chemotherapy would have been an impossible task for our children to have to go backwards and forwards to Shrewsbury having other children to consider too.The unit at PRH is wonderful ,staff included ,and how they could even think of closure is diabolical.Our future generation of children deserve this when you go there and see the youngsters being so brave.


The womens and childrens centre is so important to Telford, it seems to me that COMMON SENSE IS NOT SO COMMON NOWADAYS IN GOVERNMENT .Telford rate payers are still paying for this ,the WELSH pay lower rates than us ,so keep it here !!!