Why do we need to spend £275,000 to market Telford? The place is already too busy, overcrowded and lacks parking and homes. The green spaces are disappearing at an amazing rate and the local villages are being turned into the early stages of a conurbation of inner city slums. This is all about our representatives wanting more power and more money to spend. Having more money to spend is counter productive if the Council has to care for an even larger population.

Whats important to me.

Having read a number of comments ,all of which referred to the increase in council tax, it was interesting to note your reference to an improvement in the well being of residents, I,ve waited 30 years for that : and I,m still waiting.

Council tax increase

As a pensioner on a minimum pension this is more than my pension increase so I shall find this rather unjustified in the present circumstances, As living on my own is already a burden on my resources, When I moved into my home in 1960 Mr Mathews the town clerk as was said my rates would be £25 per year and was for the first two years [What happened] it is now almost six times that now ,The system is totally unfair and should be based on what one can afford, I doubt my comments will make one blind bit of notice but that is my opinion Thank you.

Attn Rita

The roadworks you refer to have been funded by government money More information here: <a href="http://dev.btw.gov.uk/TWCNewsroomAdmin/">http://www.telford.gov.uk/growthpoint</a><p><br></p><p>We always try to be as open and transparent as possible. Information on councillors' allowances can be found here: <a href="http://www.telford.gov.uk/opencouncil">www.telford.gov.uk/opencouncil</a></p>

Attn Dave Silcock ref Council Tax

Dave You would have to make a request to the FOI team to get this information. The link is here: https://tinyurl.com/hxux7fz

Council Tax

Under the freedom of information can you publish the list of who was in favour of what regarding the survey into council tax?

Adult social care

will the increase in adult social care include those adults with a learning disability or is it those who develop dementia in later life

council tax

my single daughter earns 480 per month gets a small housing benefit and has to pay £73 per month council tax after paying rent and tax she is left with £14 a week to live on by all means tax those that can but help others she works and wants to pay her way but fairly


Where do I get the extra money from to pay this? EVERY THING goes up, except my income.

council Tax

I think you lot should investigate on how much of our council tax has gone to bloody waste over the last couple of years, the amount of roadworks been done for what!!!! its time someone needs to look at all the expenses paid out to all the councillors as well, it is disgusting the way our taxes are spent.

Council tax

So fed up with all the taxes we have to pay. I be better off on the dole as I'm only on min wage. I'll join the rest on the dole and have another kid.

Council tax

So fed up with all the taxes we have to pay. I be better off on the dole as I'm only on min wage. I'll join the rest on the dole and have another kid.

council tax raise

The questionaire you sent me said stick at 2.2% for 3 yrs OR 3.2% for 2 yrs and 1.2% in 3rd yr why now 3.2% for 3 yrs?