Lucy Allan MP

Further to Eric's question - Lucy Allan MP was at the meeting. The meeting had been arranged by Mark Pritchard MP.

Mr Hunt, Is he fit for purpose?

Based on his current track record, being appointed to such a critical role as Health Secretary when he has already undermined his own position by publishing a critique on NHS services; without it seems having an improvement plan for the people that need it; shows how little regard for his position and that of the people of the country, he has; seems more like we need someone that knows more about the operation of the NHS than a two bit politician bent on the dissolution of the NHS without personal obligations to ensure the NHS is capable of the service it needs to provide.


Negativity is not what is needed. What we need is our representatives to set aside their party political interests and work for the greater good with a positive 'can do' attitude. Well done to the group for taking this joint initiative.

Future fit

I didn't see Lucy Allan's name in the article,was she there?

prh and Shrewsbury

Ever since the PRH opened there has been an attitude that only Shrewsbury should have their own hospital and we in Telford should just struggle. When your child is taken 20 miles to Shrewsbury in the middle of the night because they may have meningitis, you are praying for a nearer hospital. Our prayers were answered when the PRH was built but it has been in a battle from day 1. Nobody seems to be acknowledging the needs of a fast growing young community with lots of children, the arguments seem to be about who should have the biggest say! and apparently a lack of desire for senior staff to live and work in Telford.If it feels fine for ambulances to transport patients to Shrewsbury, why can't staff commute to Telford?


A well done for Shaun Davies and Malcolm Pate in securing the meeting however short and support to both councillors and Mark Pritchard for your great efforts. Keep working together on a plan that works for both and pushing continuously for as many touch points and meetings as possible with everyone involved. Good luck John Davis APA we support you.

Future Fit Process

Although the outcome of the meeting with Jeremy Hunt was without assurances the Telford Team are to be congratulated on their resolve to maintain an A&E dept in Telford. Keep up the good work you have our full support

Secretary of State

The fact that the meeting lasted less than half an hour tells us all we need to know about just how little importance the Secretary of State places on the people of Telford & Wrekin and Shropshire.

your hopes

Did you really and honestly expect anything from Jeremy Hunt MP ?  He is impervious to criticism, co authored a book on why the NHS should be dismantled a few years ago and appears hell bent on doing just that. I'm not surprised he gave you short shift,it was expected.