Two weeks left to apply for this year’s ‘Leader and Cabinet Members’ Young Person Grant 2024

Young people living in Telford and Wrekin have just two weeks left to apply for the latest round of the ‘Leader and Cabinet Members’ Young Person Grant 2024.

Two weeks left to apply for this year’s ‘Leader and Cabinet Members’ Young Person Grant 2024

The grant is in its ninth year and is aimed at empowering young residents of the borough to advance in their careers by applying for financial support of up to £500 to help them to unlock their potential. 

Councillor Shaun Davies, Leader of Telford & Wrekin Council (Lab), said: “Year on year I am thrilled to see the positive impact of the young person’s grant. To date we have supported 577 young people living in Telford and Wrekin to pursue their career dreams or new training opportunities which have made a huge difference to their lives.  

“There are only two weeks left to apply to submit applications for this latest round and I’d encourage anyone who has considered applying to take a look at our website and submit your application for this year’s grant.”

Councillor Shirley Reynolds, Cabinet Member for Early Years, Children and Young People (Lab) said, “Submitting an application for a young person’s grant is your chance to secure funding to help you explore new education and career opportunities. We want to support you in transforming your ideas into reality. Witnessing the diverse and innovative applications for the young person’s grant award is truly inspiring and once again I look forward to reading them.” 

To be eligible for the grant, the young person must live in Telford and Wrekin - or be a child in care or care leaver living outside of the borough. They must also be aged between 15 (and in Year 11) through to 25 at the close of applications.

They must showcase how the funding could successfully help them overcome barriers, including those that are currently preventing them from accessing education, employment or training. It is also available to those seeking to start up their own business and need an initial investment.

“We invite all eligible candidates to apply and look forward to hearing about the creative approaches they are taking to their future education and careers. So, to not miss the deadline, we encourage entrants to submit their applications early and we look forward to reading them!” 

Applications are now open and will close at 5pm on Friday 24th May 2024. 

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