Council supports more borough households to keep warm and well

Telford & Wrekin Council is launching “Warm & Well Telford” - a new energy efficiency grant aimed at helping more residents save on energy bills while keeping their home warm.

Council supports more borough households to keep warm and well

“Warm & Well Telford” is the latest addition to a number of energy grants and support schemes that the council is already offering to borough households, such as the Home Upgrade Grant and Telford Energy Advice service.

The council’s “Warm & Well Telford” grant offers fully funded smart thermostatic radiator valves, partial glazing or energy efficient external doors to eligible households. 

To qualify for this grant, residents must meet a series of criteria, which include being in receipt of a means-tested benefit or having a household income of less than £50,000 before tax.

Private tenants can apply for the grant with their landlord’s permission who will be asked to contribute to any work carried out.

Cllr Carolyn Healy, Cabinet Member for Climate Action, Green Spaces, Heritage and Leisure said: “Almost 15 per cent of households in Telford and Wrekin struggle with fuel poverty, spending a large amount of their income on staying warm.

“We are thus launching “Warm & Well Telford”, to provide energy efficient measures to more Telford and Wrekin households. 

“This reinforces our commitment to protect and care for all our residents, to ensure they keep warm and manage their energy bills.

“The launch of this grant is also part of our council’s commitment to becoming carbon neutral by 2030. By promoting more energy efficient homes and reducing carbon emissions, we are taking significant steps towards a more sustainable borough.

“We encourage residents to check if they are eligible for the “Warm & Well” grant by visiting our website or by calling Telford Energy Advice on 0800 677 1952.”

Telford and Wrekin residents can find out more about the “Warm & Well” grant on the council’s website: