Helping people connect to beat loneliness

An event to bring people of all ages together to help them find companionship, or a new way to connect, is being held in St George’s, Telford, next week.

Helping people connect to beat loneliness

The ‘Meet Up’ event, will be held on Wednesday 21 February, at St George’s Primary School, London Road, 2.45pm-4.15pm, and is aimed at tackling loneliness and encouraging people to join groups and clubs to reconnect with their community.

Councillor Kelly Middleton, (Lab) Cabinet Member for Healthy, Safer & Stronger Communities and Partnerships said:

“Loneliness is usually a feeling of being alone and disconnected from others, like you don’t have meaningful or close relationships or a sense of belonging. We know that sadly almost a quarter of adults feel lonely in one way or another in Telford.* 

“Even a person with a lot of friends can feel lonely so this event is all about putting people in touch so they can find something that’s meaningful to them to join in with.”

This event is for all ages and abilities with advice on hand and neighbourhood coordinators will be there to listen to the needs of the community too.

Groups inviting people to get involved range from schemes such as ‘Feed the Birds’ where volunteers visit people in their homes for companionship while they feed garden birds, Forum 50+ with guidance on seated exercise and Age UK. 

If people are looking for ways to get the grey matter working, there’s a range of courses available through Telford College of Arts and Technology (TCAT) and digital skills sessions. 

For those who just want to help a cause that’s dear to them, there will be information on volunteering, including volunteering opportunities with the St George’s School walking bus or reading with children. 

Find out about craft classes and for those looking for a more active group the Ramblers walking group will be there along with football and hockey groups, plus many more.

The event is part of the Safer & Stronger Communities project which supports people with ideas to reduce loneliness and crime. Youth and sports clubs, women’s self-defence classes, reading groups, art and gardening groups, are just a handful of projects the Safer & Stronger Communities team has helped set up.

*Data source