Council and local organisations re-enforce commitment to help prevent and reduce alcohol and drug use the borough

A refreshed Telford and Wrekin Alcohol and Drugs Strategy 2024-2029 has been recently approved by the Health & Wellbeing Board*, re-enforcing the joint commitment of the council and local organisations to help reduce alcohol and drug-related harms across the borough and promote recovery.

Council and local organisations re-enforce commitment to help prevent and reduce alcohol and drug use the borough

The 2024-2029 Telford and Wrekin Alcohol and Drugs Strategy builds on the success of the 2018 -2023 strategy, that has led to increased number of people receiving alcohol treatment, improved outcomes for alcohol and drugs treatment and better support for children and young people affected by their parents’ addiction to alcohol and other drugs.

Developed collaboratively with input from partners, professionals and those with lived experience, the 2024-2029 strategy outlines sixteen commitments aimed at providing the right support at the right time to prevent and reduce alcohol and drug-related harm across the borough. 

The strategy focuses on four key priorities:

•Prevention: early intervention to prevent alcohol and other drug problems, particularly among vulnerable young people and families

•Reducing harm: reducing alcohol and drug related harms, with a focus on preventing deaths and hospital admissions

•Treatment: increasing the numbers of people in treatment for alcohol problems, ensuring accessibility from all parts of the criminal justice system and enhancing local alcohol and drugs treatment outcomes 

•Recovery support: expanding recovery support and supporting the growth of a diverse, visible recovery community

Cllr Kelly Middleton (Labour), Cabinet Member for Healthy, Safer & Stronger Communities and Partnerships, said:

“The harmful effects of drug and alcohol misuse on individuals, families and our local communities are widely acknowledged. 

“Addiction to alcohol and other drugs can be both a cause and a result of wider inequalities, particularly in health. It is most prevalent in the most deprived communities in our borough. 

“Over the last years, we have been working with local partners and with people with lived experience to prevent and reduce alcohol and drug consumption across the borough and its impact on residents.  

“Our ambitious efforts have brought a series of positive outcomes, such as alcohol awareness interventions delivered by healthy lifestyle advisors, early support for families dealing with alcohol and drug issues, a decrease in alcohol and drug-related hospital admissions, improved access to treatment for people leaving prison and many others.

“Now, alongside our local partners, we proudly introduce the refreshed 2024-2029 Telford and  Wrekin Alcohol and Drugs Strategy. 

"This underscores our ongoing commitment to helping individuals and communities make healthier choices, reducing drug and alcohol-related harm in the borough.

“Our approach isn’t just about tackling substance misuse; we are also very much focused on preventing alcohol and drug use and providing continuous support for those affected and their families. “

To read the full 2024-2029 Telford & Wrekin Alcohol and Drugs Strategy, visit the Council’s website.

*Note: The Health & Wellbeing Board is a partnership between local organisations and its members include, Telford & Wrekin Council, local NHS organisations and voluntary groups.

They meet to work together on health and social care issues, tackle health inequality and improve public health.

To find out more about the Board, visit the council's website.