Council urges government to end six month silence on hospital review

Leader of Telford & Wrekin Council, Councillor Shaun Davies, is urging the government to respond to a formal legal request to reconsider plans to downgrade emergency services at the Princess Royal Hospital.

Council urges government to end six month silence on hospital review

The initial request was made by the council’s legal advisors following a Full Council Meeting in March 2023, where a motion restating the council’s opposition to the plans and the need for them to be reviewed by the government received unanimous support from elected members.

Six months later, despite writing for a second time in July, the council is still waiting for a response.

Steve Barclay, the current Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, has the power to reconsider the decision made by Matt Hancock in October 2019 to go ahead with plans that will see Telford lose its 24 hour A&E and the consultant-led Women and Children’s Unit moved to Shrewsbury.

As a result, Telford is set to become the largest town in England without a full A&E service, despite having one of the fastest growing and ageing populations in the country.

Councillor Davies said: “In light of the latest data around population growth and health inequalities, released just last year, we’ve asked the Health Secretary to use his legal right to review Future Fit plans.

“So far, it seems the approach has been to try to ignore this request and hope it will go away. Six months is ample opportunity to consider the issue and at the very least, acknowledge our request. The silence is deafening.

In a letter to the Secretary of State, the council’s legal advisors set out how the original business case supporting Future Fit plans - made in 2018 - is based on data that is now at least eight years out of date and is no longer supported by the latest census data.

They also set out how Telford & Wrekin has:

  • A faster growing ageing population than Shropshire;
  • A growing number of women and children within the borough; 
  • A disproportionately higher number of residents without access to a private motor vehicle than in Shropshire, creating significant challenges for those needing to travel more than 20 miles to access hospital care and treatment; and 
  • Greater health inequalities than in Shropshire. 

Concerns were also raised about the lack of transparency and clarity over what residents in Telford and Wrekin can expect from the Princess Royal Hospital if the proposals go ahead.

Councillor Davies continued: “As a community, we’ve been told that emergency care will be provided from the Royal Shrewsbury and that the Princess Royal will become a centre for planned care. 

“What’s now emerging is that planned cancer care and planned care for children will also be moved to Shrewsbury.

“The Princess Royal is being stripped by stealth of the services that people need. No emergency care and now limited planned care. 

“Making it more difficult for people to access health care, and to support their loved ones when they are seriously ill, only stands to widen the gap between those in good and poor health. 

“Time is running out for the Health Secretary to do the right thing for people in this borough. I urge him to take action before it’s too late.”

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