Fly-tipping hotspot areas visited by enforcement crews.

Enforcement officers from Telford & Wrekin Council have been attending areas with the highest rates of fly-tipping, in a bid to dispel myths and prevent people incurring higher fines.

Fly-tipping hotspot areas visited by enforcement crews.

In August, the government gave councils the power to raise fines for several offences, amongst them fly-tipping was raised from £400 to £1,000.

Deputy leader and cabinet member for homes & enforcement, Councillor Richard Overton said: “We know that there is still some education work needed around what counts as fly-tipping which is why we have come to these areas. 

“For example, full bin bags left alongside public collection areas is classed as fly-tipping, the same goes for white goods. 

“Another myth is that if large items are left out on the street, the council will collect them and dispose of them which is not the case. If you are caught on CCTV and we can identify you, you’ll be issued a fine.

“Another includes garden waste such as tree cuttings or scrap building materials stored in public places. This practice encourages others to tip waste and the fly-tip grows.  

Councillor Overton added: “Most people find fly-tipping an abhorrent practice and residents, rightly, want us to do more to tackle this blight and to catch those responsible. There is no excuse anymore, offenders in these hot spot areas have been warned and if they persist, they’ll face the fines.” 

Residents in these areas, are also being encouraged to make use of the councils confidential hotline where they can call and report fly-tips in confidence. The number for Telford and Wrekin Watch is 01952 288 800 and people can give evidence against fly-tippers in a bid to reduce rates in hotspot. 

Telford & Wrekin Council spent approximately £1.5m* a year cleaning the borough and already uses an extensive network of more than 700 cameras to help tackle fly-tipping.

Fly-tipping can be reported via the MyTelford app or if you have information which could lead to a prosecution or identify a fly-tipper, then call the confidential number on 01952 388 800.

Residents can take their domestic waste to our household recycling centres.

For bulky items, householders can book a collection and check if they are eligible for a free or discounted service.

Before getting rid of unwanted items, it’s also worth considering giving them a new lease of life, including donating good quality items to charity.

*Figure includes sweeping, dog mess, litter picking etc, not just fly-tip removal.