Increased financial support for council’s foster carers

Telford & Wrekin Council increased its financial package for foster carers, to support them with the cost of living challenges and to attract more people to its fostering service

The extended support package for the council’s foster carers includes increased fees and allowances and the opportunity to claim additional travel costs back.

Increased financial support is also provided for children’s birthdays as well as increased festival and holiday payments for foster carers and children, over and above their allowance.

All these are an addition to a strong offer already in place for the council’s foster carers, with training and development opportunities, permanent support services such as direct access to an in-house therapist, therapeutic support and many other benefits provided by Telford Fostering.

Councillor Shirley Reynolds (Lab), cabinet member for Children, Young People and Families, said:

“Foster carers make a huge difference to the lives of the children in their care, providing them with a happy, safe and secure childhood.

“While we have amazing foster carers in our borough that we can’t thank enough for their hard work and commitment, more fostering households are needed to care for local children and offer them a stable and lovely environment.

“We know that foster carers are not primarily motivated by financial rewards, but it’s vital that we support them appropriately, even more so now, with the cost-of-living challenges.

“That’s why in the last financial year, we have been increasing allowances for our foster carers as well as enabling them to claim more costs back, such as travel costs.

“We also offer our carers additional financial support through birthday and festival allowances for the children and holiday payments for the foster carers and children.

“All these are in addition to an all-round support already in place for foster carers, that includes bespoke training and development opportunities, mentoring and peer support, generous ‘refer a friend’ scheme and many others.

“Our foster carers also have access to valuable advice and guidance from our dedicated team clinician that they can call directly at any time during day or night, to ask for support, if needed.

“By helping with the cost of living pressures, we are hoping to attract more people to fostering roles that can be full-time or part-time, to suit people’s current commitments.

“If you think you have the skills needed to help a child thrive and enjoy a fulfilling childhood, please contact our Telford Fostering team – -

“We will be fully by your side during your fostering journey!”

Kate has been fostering for 12 years with Telford & Wrekin Council.

She said: “Telford & Wrekin Council has been really, really proactive with the support we get, it is immense. For me, this has made a huge difference, I feel very valued as a foster carer.

“Many people who consider fostering might think that they won’t have enough money to live on, that was a concern of mine as well.

“We’ve just had a really good increase in the allowances and fees that we get from Telford Fostering, we also get holiday allowances for the children, Christmas, birthday allowances and many other benefits.

“If you think about fostering and are worried about finances, go and talk to Telford Fostering. They offer very competitive rates and make it easier for people who wish to, to become foster carers.”

Paula and her husband Karl are full-time foster carers. They moved over to Telford Fostering nine months ago, having been unhappy with their previous fostering service.

She said: “If you are thinking about fostering, definitely come to Telford Fostering, it’s one of the best things you’ll ever do.

“It’s a very friendly team, from management to all the foster carers, their support is first class and their financial package is highly competitive.”

To find out more about the benefits of becoming a foster carer with Telford Fostering, visit

Photo: Councillor Shirley Reynolds, cabinet member for Children, Young People and Families with the Telford Fostering team and with foster carers Kate and Paula (left to right, sitting down)