Spread your council tax payments further to ease money worries

January can be a stressful time when it comes to managing money and the cost of living crisis is adding to that worry. That’s why Telford & Wrekin Council is raising awareness of the option to spread the cost of your council tax payments over 12 months instead of 10.

Spread your council tax payments further to ease money worries

The system is automatically set up for people to pay in 10 monthly instalments but you can easily apply to pay your bill over 12 months.

Around a third of households in Telford and Wrekin are doing just that and spreading their payments further to help lower their monthly outgoings during these tough times.

Councillor Rae Evans (Lab), Cabinet Member for Finance and Governance, said:

“It’s important that residents are aware they can choose to pay their council tax over 12 months instead of 10.

“It means that each month there will be less money going out of their account which will help take some of the pressure off their household budget.

“This will be especially helpful when the government’s energy support scheme for households ends from April.

“My advice to everyone is to please contact us as soon as you are struggling to pay your council tax and don’t wait until you are in debt. We will do all we can to help.”

Businesses can also opt to pay their rates over 12 months instead of 10 and already about 1,300 businesses in the borough are taking advantage of this.

Shaun Davies (Lab), Leader of Telford & Wrekin Council, said

“As a council that’s on the side of our residents and businesses, we’re doing all we can to help during the cost of living crisis. That’s why, for the second year, I remain committed to freezing the general level of council tax, meaning residents in Band D are paying about £228 a year less compared to other councils in the region.

“Although we can’t reduce the total amount of council tax you pay, we can help cut your monthly bills by spreading payments over 12 months instead of 10. It’s also important that people on a low income apply for council tax support.”

For residents who prefer to continue paying in 10 monthly instalments, payment-free months are normally February and March but can be moved to April and May in 2023 instead. This means your instalments will be collected from June 2023 until March 2024 and then revert back to the normal 10 monthly cycle for 2024/25.

To take advantage of the 12-month payment option for your 2023/24 council tax bill, or to change your payment-free months, you need to apply by 5pm on 28 February 2023.To sign up visit Council Tax and Business Rates payments - Council Tax and Business Rates payments - Telford & Wrekin Council Here you will also find more information about the council’s cost of living support. 

While you’re at it why not choose to opt in for e-billing? Instead of receiving bills in the post you can view your council tax bills online when and where you like. There is also a dedicated site to register for e-billing.

If you’re not already doing so, you might want to set up a direct debit making it even easier to manage your payments. You can even choose from five dates during the month for the payment to be taken out of your account, giving you even more control over your money.