New eco grant gives businesses greater opportunity to reduce costs

High street businesses can benefit from a new eco grant to help them become more sustainable and reduce costs.

New eco grant gives businesses greater opportunity to reduce costs

The eco grant is one of a number of grants available to high street businesses through Telford & Wrekin Council’s Pride in Our High Street programme and has been repackaged to offer greater support during the cost of living crisis.

The new funding aims to help high street businesses during these challenging times and is split into two grants which can both help businesses to save money.

The first fund will support businesses to acquire energy saving products, helping them to reduce their workplace overheads.

Grants of up to £1,500 will help businesses purchase energy saving products from a list of local suppliers that have been checked for ‘best value’.   

The second fund will provide grants of up to £5,000 towards the cost of ceiling or wall insulation to the applicants’ business premises which will keep energy costs down.

A list of recommended local suppliers in Telford and Wrekin will be made available to eligible businesses.

Energy saving products can include energy efficient dishwashers, fridges, freezers and coffee machines and water saving toilets.

Businesses can also use the funding to purchase smaller items such as smart plugs, energy saving extension leads, draft excluders and energy saving power meters.

Programmable thermostats which only use energy when needed as well as LED light panels can also be funded through the grant which can help to reduce electricity significantly.

The grant will also offer a package of proactive support which provides guidance and helps business owners to complete their grant application

As with the existing eco grant, all applications will be reviewed and evaluated by the council’s Business Support team and approved by the Cabinet Member lead for Pride in Our High Streets.   

Once funding has been awarded, business owners will need to submit evidence of how they have spent the money to buy new products or complete energy saving related projects.

Councillor Lee Carter (Lab), Telford & Wrekin Council’s Cabinet Member for Neighbourhood Services, Regeneration and the High Street, said: “The business environment has now changed significantly with the cost of living crisis and particularly the cost of energy, making it imperative that businesses make changes to save on their operating overheads.

“We’ve revised our eco grant so that it broadens the eco-friendly options which are available to businesses and makes them more aware of the different products they can introduce to help them save valuable money day-to-day.

“As a council which is on your side, we remain committed to supporting high street businesses and this eco grant provides support for businesses which can have a positive impact in the short and long term as energy costs continue to rise.”

The grants are available to registered businesses with high street shops in Dawley, Madeley, Wellington, Newport, Oakengates and Ironbridge.

You can find out more about the eco grant and how to apply here.