Besblock targets Telford wood waste to fuel manufacturing growth

Growing Telford masonry manufacturer Besblock is aiming to reduce its carbon footprint further by using wood waste from across the borough to generate energy.

Besblock targets Telford wood waste to fuel manufacturing growth

The firm, located at Halesfield, Telford has created a £3.2 million ‘energy from waste wood plant’ and is planning to invest in a new turbine to generate electricity on site.

Besblock already has a low carbon footprint and is committed to lowering emissions further by adopting this approach in conjunction with other already installed renewable energy sources.

Manufacturing plants are beginning to embrace using waste products to fuel their production processes and this mirrors the majority of UK power stations which have transitioned from fossil fuels to biomass as a primary fuel source.

Established in 1972, Besblock works with some of the UK’s leading house builders and construction companies. 

The firm, which celebrates its 50th birthday this year, has expanded considerably recently with extensive investment in its facilities and processes.

Besblock continues to support traditional masonry construction and develop new, innovative and sustainable products for the UK’s construction industry.

As the firm continues to grow, it is targeting more recruits to join the workforce as production operatives, drivers and apprentices.

Martin Fulwell, Sales Director at Besblock, said: “We have grown at a fast pace and while we are pleased with the path we’re on, we haven’t lost sight of keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible along the way.

“There are lots of companies in Telford that need to dispose of their wood waste and through our plant, we aim to create a local chain to ensure its re-use effectively in the production of energy.

“The addition of the turbine will allow us to generate our own electricity and reduce our fossil fuel consumption further.”

Besblock’s sustainability plans support Telford & Wrekin Council’s overall aim for the borough to be carbon neutral by 2030.

In 2020, the council published an action plan to limit the impact of climate change and support businesses across the borough.

Martin added: “We believe our approach will be a win-win for Telford – giving businesses the opportunity to dispose of their unwanted, low grade wood waste and gives us the opportunity to re-use it for energy creation whilst playing our part in helping Telford and Wrekin become carbon neutral.”

Councillor Carolyn Healy (Lab), Telford & Wrekin Council's Cabinet Member for Climate Change, Green Spaces, Natural and Historic Environment and Cultural Services, said: “Besblock will set a fantastic example here by re-using waste wood to generate energy which is much less harmful for the environment.

“It’s really pleasing to see they are planning to adopt this approach and are committed to becoming carbon neutral, whilst continuing to manufacture and supply new products to the construction industry which meet the demand.”

You can find out more about Besblock here.

Photo (L-R) Besblock Boiler Supervisor Steve Harris and General Manager Mark Whistance.