Wellbeing boosted in Telford and Wrekin thanks to the Year of Wellbeing

A campaign designed to boost people's wellbeing following the Coronavirus pandemic has managed to help over 3,000 people in Telford and Wrekin.

Wellbeing boosted in Telford and Wrekin thanks to the Year of Wellbeing

The Year of Wellbeing, which Telford and Wrekin Council is running, encourages people to pledge to improve their wellbeing and provides evidence-based ideas and timely reminders to help people achieve it.

A report to Telford and Wrekin's Health & Wellbeing Board highlighted how the campaign had successfully engaged with groups most affected by the pandemic.

The report also detailed the feedback received from people who joined the campaign and said how it had improved how they felt.

Building on this success, the council plans to launch a Year of Wellbeing centred around young people with advice tailored for them.

The Health and Wellbeing Board also heard how the council had improved people's wellbeing by working more closely with the NHS.

NHS funding allowed the council to expand the Calm Cafes, which are run in collaboration with Telford Mind and other partners, to include a new one tailored to those recovering from substance misuse. 

The council worked with the local NHS to provide the Wrap Around Support Service for those homeless or in support accommodation.

Cllr Kelly Middleton, Cabinet Member for Leisure, Public Health and Wellbeing, Equalities and Partnerships (Labour), said: 

"Often improving how you feel can be done by making simple and small changes to your every life. 

"For example, making time for a regular walk, spending more time with friends and family, or thinking about how you use social media.

"Through the Year of Wellbeing, we wanted to take this wellbeing advice and encourage people to practice it.

"I have read hundreds of comments from residents telling us how the campaign has helped them to feel happier and healthier - it's been great to see.

"The campaign has inspired me to improve how I feel and commit to stopping smoking, and it's made a real personal difference for me. 

"People can still join in the Year of Wellbeing, and I would encourage people to pledge improve how they feel – just visit www.telford.gov.uk/wellbeing."

Cllr Angela McClements (Labour), Chair of the Health and Wellbeing Board, said: 

"It is welcome to see this update on Mental Health support in Telford and Wrekin and how the council and the NHS are working closely to co-develop services.

"The closer organisations can work with each other, the better services people in Telford and Wrekin will experience - and better outcomes as a result.

"As Telford and Wrekin is one of the fastest growing areas in the country with a population that is ageing the second fastest - we will need to work closely increasingly.

"The Telford and Wrekin Health and Wellbeing Board is a way that local issues are raised and shared jointly with everyone involved in health and wellbeing.

"We are on your side; if you have any issues to do with health and wellbeing, then please email us: democraticservices@telford.gov.uk."