Graffiti hot spot given a new lease of life

Bold street art has proven a big hit with Leegomery residents, thanks to a new creative commission by Telford & Wrekin Council.

Graffiti hot spot given a new lease of life

The council’s Safer & Stronger Communities team has worked with residents to reduce tagging in the area - the act of writing of an artist's signature in high profile places. 

The project saw local graffiti artist ‘Auniqueart’ and community groups transform an underpass and six signal boxes with street art, themed around the new nature area being cleared by Leegomery Community Centre. 

The mural, painted by street artist Neil Willis, is designed to make people feel safer by removing graffiti as well as improving the area and deterring vandals.

Councillor Paul Watling (Labour), Cabinet Member for Safer & Stronger Communities said: “We all want to be seen and heard and graffiti is a way young people are doing this. The law classes tagging and graffiti as criminal damage and removal is not only costly and time consuming. This commissioned work is something everyone will hopefully enjoy and help create a sense of pride. 

“Over time tagging builds up and makes areas look un-kept and uncared for. Working to create a piece of art that everyone can get on board with is a far better way to make sure our public spaces are looked after and enjoyed by everyone and we have had some brilliant feedback from people of all ages so far.” 

Graffiti artist Neil said: “Transforming an unwelcoming subway with a colourful mural has made it more welcoming for people to use. 

“While painting it we had so many positive comments on how it made people feel and they couldn’t wait to see it finished. It brings a positive outlook to the area.”

The project forms part of a wider council effort to tackle graffiti across the borough with more projects in the pipeline. 

Councillor Watling added: “This project has been so popular. It has really brightened up the area so we’re going to look at some similar projects in other areas.” 

The Safer & Stronger Communities project is led by Telford and Wrekin Council with support from the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC), John Campion. More than £2m will be invested into issues concerning safety and ways to build community groups with an additional £500k from the PCC, over the next two years.

Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion said “I am proud to invest in this project, and be part of building safer stronger communities alongside Telford & Wrekin Council. The artwork will prevent tagging and play a part in making our communities in Telford feel safer.”  

The project was part funded by Councillors Gemma Offland and Leon Murray and the Safer and Stronger Project. 

Hadley and St Georges are the next areas set for some new artwork and if you know of an area that would benefit, please get in touch with the council’s Safer and Stronger Communities team by emailing