Improving GP access on the agenda for Telford and Wrekin's Health & Wellbeing board

Members of Telford and Wrekin's Health & Wellbeing Board will meet on 22 June to discuss improving local health and wellbeing.

Improving GP access on the agenda for Telford and Wrekin's Health & Wellbeing board

On the agenda will be an update to improvements on GP access, the Ockenden Report into Maternity Services and Telford and Wrekin's annual public health report. 

The Health & Wellbeing Board is a partnership between local organisations and its members include, Telford & Wrekin Council, local NHS organisations and voluntary groups.

They meet to work together on health and social care issues, tackle health inequality, and improve public health.

Cllr Angela McClements (Labour), Chair of the Health and Wellbeing Board, said: 

"Our local NHS has done incredible work during the pandemic; we are thankful for everything they have done and are here to support them.

"There are many issues related to the NHS and health & wellbeing that our local residents feel very passionate about.

"We have four Telford & Wrekin councillors who are members of the Health & Wellbeing Board who can raise issues on behalf of the public: Cllr Kelly Middleton, Cllr Andy Burford, Cllr Shirley Reynolds and myself.

"I want residents to know that we are on your side - it's crucial to challenge and support our local NHS to improve local services for residents.

"If you experience any issues with local health services, please let us know, email: 

"We will use your views to raise concerns with the people running the NHS to make local healthcare and wellbeing better.

"Nine months ago, we heard local people's concerns around GP access and this is on the agenda again.

“I am very much look forward to seeing the progress the Health & Wellbeing Board have made in the upcoming meeting."

Members of the public can attend the Health & Wellbeing Board meeting taking place at Addenbrooke House by emailing: