Dawley Post Office - Updated Statement 15.6.22

Statement from Councillors Shaun Davies, Bob Wennington, Andy Burford, Ian Preece and Kuldip Sahota

Dawley Post Office - Updated Statement 15.6.22

“We are very disappointed to hear the Co-op plans to close its store in Dawley High Street and we will offer as much support as we can to their staff affected by this decision.

“We wrote to the Co-op last week urging them to rethink their position and encouraging them to renew their lease but unfortunately they have chosen not to do so. 

“However, we remain committed to protecting the future of Dawley Post Office which provides a valuable service to Dawley residents and is an important, active member of the high street. 

“We will continue to look at a range of alternative options to protect the post office’s future – including support through our Pride in Our High Street (PIOHS) programme.

"PIOHS isn't just about money but also about providing support to businesses to grow and tackle some of the current challenges around rising energy costs and digital changes.

“Since the PIOHS programme was launched in 2018, we have invested more than £100,000 in Dawley to support new businesses to open in empty premises and our retail façade improvement scheme is underway in Dawley High Street which will see 13 retail facades upgraded with new painting and signage.

“Although support from PIOHS is one potential avenue of support we’re also talking to other potential operators of the post office to make sure it stays at the heart of the Dawley community.

“We’re also looking at supporting the redevelopment of key sites around Dawley town centre which will improve the access and routes into the high street.

"We will continue to work closely with all stakeholders, including Great Dawley Town Council, to look at a range of options.

“We want to reassure the Dawley community that we will do everything we can to retain the post office and keep this popular, thriving facility on the high street going.”