Could you join other organisations in supporting our local Care Leavers?

Thirty-two local organisations have so far pledged their support, along with our Council for young people leaving care. We invite many more to join!

Could you join other organisations in supporting our local Care Leavers?

The Care Leaver Covenant is a national inclusion programme that supports care leavers to live independently and relies on local organisations to provide opportunities.

To help our borough’s young people leaving care, our council is looking for a range of both local and national organisations that can offer their time and support in many different ways such as training opportunities, job preparation, discounted offers and goods, outdoor activities to name a few.

As an example, Lovell Homes, a construction firm with a number of local developments in the borough, is providing work experience, CV workshops and interview advice to our young people leaving care. The company also donated furniture from their show homes for young people who were moving into independent living. 

“Leaving a lasting legacy is at the forefront of all of our work, we are passionate about creating a difference within the communities in which we work”, said Stuart Penn. Regional Managing Director at Lovell Homes. 

He added: “That’s why we are delighted to be working with the council on supporting our borough’s young people leaving care in a range of ways, from donations of high quality items, to set up their new homes, up to professional guidance, to help make a start in their careers. “

Not only are businesses are pledging their support to care leavers, but also local Town Councils.

Oakengates Town Council recently became the first Town Council in England to sign the new Care Leaver Friendly Employer’s Charter.

Borough Councillor, Cllr. Gilly Reynolds said:  “I’m proud that Telford & Wrekin Council supports, cares for, and empowers every young person and child in care. We should make sure that as employers we provide greater opportunities for our young people into work.”

“I hope that many other businesses and organisations across the borough commit to assist our young people as they make the important transition to independent living.”

Rod Grainger, Personal Adviser – Children in Care, Leaving Care at Telford and Wrekin Council said:

“Our team at the Council relentlessly works with young people in care and those leaving care, to raise aspirations and assist with their personal and professional development. We are offering them a wide range of activities, workshops and tailored mentoring, to support with their Education, Training & Employment and bridge the gap in what it is a difficult transition into adulthood.”

Rod urges local organisations to pledge their support for care leavers as it is “making such a great difference in increasing their chances of succeeding and achieving, as well as feeling valued and improving their self-esteem and confidence”.

He adds: “Building partnerships with charities and companies in our local area is integral to strengthening our offer for our young people leaving care. 

We urge all local organisations to join us on this journey and increase opportunities for our young people to shine.  Come and be part of this positive change by signing up to our Care Leaver Covenant.”

All local organisations signing up to Care Leaver Covenant become “part of a wider corporate family for our borough’s care leavers who don’t benefit from the support normally offered by their own family” -  highlights Councillor Shirley Reynolds (Labour), Telford & Wrekin’s Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Families. 

She gives a “BIG thank you to all local organisations who have joined so far” and encourages many more to come on board.

 “It’s really important we all try and help our young people living care and give them the best start in life. 

“We hope that many other local businesses, charities, voluntary sector, town councils will make a pledge to our Care Leaver Covenant and make a difference to the lives of our young people leaving care.

“Get in touch on to discuss how you can help.

“Each bit that you can provide (products, services, discounted offers or any advice or guidance in specific areas) will help expand our borough’s offer to build our young people’s skills for future and open a range of opportunities to them towards their adulthood.”

Telford and Wrekin Council’s Local Offer to Care Leavers includes services and support to assist care leavers in, or moving to, adulthood and independent living that the local authority provides in relation to:

•Health and wellbeing


•Education and Training



•Participation in Society

Local businesses, organisations and charities are welcome to contact us at  to find out more about the Local Offer and the Care Leaver Covenant and how they can make a difference to the lives of local young people.