Specialist support scheme for young people at risk, set to launch in borough’s schools as part of “Safer and Stronger Communities” project

A project that provides specialist early intervention work in schools for some of the most vulnerable young people in the borough is set to launch as part of a Telford & Wrekin Council’s initiative.

Specialist support scheme for young people at risk, set to launch in borough’s schools as part of “Safer and Stronger Communities” project

The “Safer and Stronger Communities” project is to deliver an educational programme over the next 12 months, aimed at supporting young people under 18 years old through preventative sessions so they can stay safe and make positive choices. 

Young people will receive talks on a range of topics, including healthy relationships, and self-esteem, and there will be similar sessions for parents and professionals to help them stay aware of how to help young people stay safe.

The “Safer and Stronger Communities” project is a joint initiative between the council and Police and Crime Commissioner, John Campion where £2.5m (£2m from Telford and Wrekin Council and £500k from the Police and Crime Commissioner) is being invested in areas across the borough, to help reduce anti-social behaviour and enhance community safety. 

Cabinet Member for Stronger and Safer Communities, Councillor Paul Watling (Labour) said: “We want our residents, including our young people, to know that we are on their side and that they should feel safe where they live and empowered to make positive choices from younger ages. 

“This is why part of the £2.5m from “Safer and Stronger Communities” project will be used to fund educational programme in schools, so that our young people are aware of the criminal activities’ consequences and stay away should they encounter them.

“It’s such a positive piece of work that perfectly complements our offer for youngsters - such as the recent set-up of youth hubs that support them find interests and activities they enjoy and give them a focus.”

Councillor Shirley Reynolds (Labour), Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Families, added: “Protecting all our children and young people, helping them grow in and contribute to safer neighbourhoods is a main priority for our council.

“This 12-month educational project, part of the “Safer and Stronger Communities” will help keep our young people on the right path, responding to any concerns they might have.  

 “A safe and better future for our borough starts with our youngsters’ development. We are absolutely determined to support them to have the best start in life, in a safe environment, where they can reach their full potential.”

Over the coming months, Telford and Wrekin schools will receive their allocated educational sessions as part the of “Safer and Stronger Communities” project taking place at their premises.