Callout for people to create a line of light Beacon on the Wrekin as part of Jubilee Celebrations.

Do you want to be part of an exciting memory-making moment as part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee? Telford & Wrekin Council are looking for people to sign up to participate in the night-time walking project across the Wrekin on the night of Thursday 2 June to create a Beacon trail across the Wrekin.

Callout for people to create a line of light Beacon on the Wrekin as part of Jubilee Celebrations.

As the Platinum Jubilee date falls so close to midsummer the walk will take place between 10pm and midnight. If you are up for the challenge and have either a head torch or hand torch then you can sign up now here  the link is also available at 

People aged over 12 years old are being asked to sign up to create a human beacon of light which will be filmed from above for a visual feast to be shared online and visible from across the borough. 

The Platinum Jubilee Weekend takes place 2 to 5 June with celebrations planned across the country and on Thursday 2 June beacons will be lit across the country to mark the event.  Telford & Wrekin Council are ensuring that Beacon on the Wrekin will be an engaging, sustainable and memorable beacon lighting for the borough. 

People interested in taking part must sign up via the link above or at by midnight Sunday 22 May.  There will be transport provided for people who have registered, from three locations within the borough.  There will be road and parking restrictions in place at the Wrekin which means no parking by individuals will be allowed from 8pm. Participants will just need to bring either a hand torch or head torch with them to create the line of light. 

Cabinet Member for Climate Change, Green Spaces, Natural and Historic Environment and Cultural Services (Lab), Carolyn Healy said:

 “We are really excited about this project and looking forward to a great response from the community. Our beacon lighting will take a form that involves hundreds of people creating a memorable line of light across this ironic feature in the Telford & Wrekin skyline to mark the Jubilee moment. All participants must sign up before hand – there will be strict regulations in place at the event to ensure all who take part can do so in an enjoyable and safe way.”  

Please note, there are limited numbers to keep it a controlled event so Telford & Wrekin Council may not be able to accommodate all applicants.  

Photo ©   Paul Murray