Safer and Stronger Communities project helps kick start new Woodside youth club

A new youth club on Woodside has opened its doors for the first time this week, with help from funding from Telford and Wrekin Council and two volunteers.

Safer and Stronger Communities project helps kick start new Woodside youth club

The project has been made possible with funding from the Safer and Stronger Communities project – a joint initiative between the council and Police and Crime Commissioner, John Campion where £2.5m is being invested in areas across the borough. 

The ‘Making Changes’ youth club at Park Lane Centre is offering free sessions for young people aged 13 years and over between 6-8pm every Monday night and celebrated the opening night with free pizzas.

Activities based around the young people’s needs are planned including table tennis, air hockey, pool and others, once people have had chance to attend and provide feedback.

Residents Lee Lewis and Steve Holford have volunteered to get the group off the ground and have started training to become qualified youth leaders. 

Around £3,000 has been invested to fund provision of the venue, support staff and additional equipment and Woodside ward members, Councillor Rae Evans and Councillor Kelly Middleton have also provided a further £500 from their allocated Pride fund. 

Cabinet Member for Stronger and Safer Communities. Councillor Paul Watling (Labour) said: “The new youth club will provide a safe place for young people to have fun in a constructive way, help community spirit and well-being as well as preventing boredom and providing a place for young people to find support. 

“The hope is that we can help provide a supportive environment and make sure there is something for young people to do. 

“If needed we help signpost them to other services such as training or access to health and wellbeing services – but mostly it’s about providing a homely, safe and fun place for them to be with friends.”  

Pride funding contributes to priorities such as every child, young person and adult living well in their community, ensuring neighbourhoods are a great place to be and providing quality services. 

Volunteers Lee Lewis and Steve Holford said: “We looked at setting up a new youth club for Woodside because we witnessed a big change in the area. 

“Our plan is to provide a safe place where they feel comfortable enough to talk to us about what’s going on in in their lives and let us help them get on the right track. 

“The youth club will be a place where young people can meet up, get on and be kids again. We want to make a difference to the young people’s lives on Woodside and help our community as much as we can.”

PCC JohnCampion said: “I’m committed to improving the lives of young people, so I’mpleased to see this new youth club opening. By giving them a focus, it canensure young people don’t end up at risk of being exposed to criminality.” 

To find out more, visit the youth club at the Park Lane Centre, Woodside, Park Lane, TF7 5QZ on Monday nights between 6-8pm.