Safer Streets Brookside Project hailed a success as crime rates drop ‘significantly’

The Safer Streets Brookside project in Telford has been hailed a ‘huge success’ after figures showed an overall decline in crime of 15 percent in just 12 months and by more than 50 per cent in specific types.

Safer Streets Brookside Project hailed a success as crime rates drop ‘significantly’

When it was launched in November 2021, Brookside had the highest volume of crime in Telford and as a result of the partnership, overall crime rates have been significantly reduced – some instances by more than 50 per cent. 

The council, Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) and West Mercia Police worked with residents and over a 12 month period, overall crime has reduced by 15 per cent, robberies by 54 per cent, and crimes with violence and injury and also residential burglaries have both also fallen by 42 per cent.  

Measures included an overall investment of £550k with £70k for new and improved CCTV cameras, £50k on improving existing and new street lighting, installation of an improved youth shelter, target hardening measures supplied to vulnerable properties and a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme established. 

Councillor Paul Watling, Cabinet Member for Stronger and Safer Communities said: “This is the first time a project like this has been used and figures show how a co-operative council approach, can deliver real results. It’s a huge success and we’re pleased to see the positive impact on people’s wellbeing.

“Being a co-operative means we work directly with residents to help deliver what they need. It’s a very positive step and I look forward to seeing the results from Sutton Hill where a similar project is due to complete in March.

“The project has help us build on the great community spirit already in Brookside and has been supported by the extensive local effort that already exists. We’re also grateful to the Police and PCC for their continued support.” 

John Campion, Police and Crime Commissioner said: “It is great news to see that the funding is already having a positive impact in Brookside, which is just one of the areas we are working with within Telford. I am committed to seeing that our communities don’t have to face the fear of crime, or have their lives blighted by the actions of others – they should feel safe where they live. 

“Through this funding we have been able to deliver a number of simple measures and initiatives that have improved the lives of those living in the area.”  

The improvements were made in consultation with the community, local members and partners. Due to Covid-19 restrictions and national lockdowns the consultation process was made available online.

Safer Neighbourhood Team Police Inspector, Ben Stephens said: “The Safer Streets project has enabled the police to work in partnership with the local authority and other key stakeholders to ensure that community members from Brookside feel safe in their homes and on their streets. 

“The crime reduction data speaks volumes for the successful crime reduction measures that have been implemented to make the community a safer place and reduce the opportunity for offending. 

“This success could not have been achieved without the support of the local community. This project has given the police strong foundations to build upon in the coming years to ensure that community members in Brookside feel safe and secure.”

Pictured l to r: Councillor Arnold England, Ward Member for Brookside (Labour), West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner, John Campion, Councillor Paul Watling (Labour), Cabinet Member for Stronger and Safer Communities and Councillor Richard Overton, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Housing, Enforcement and Transport.