Telford & Wrekin Council gives green light for new accessible housing planning document

Telford & Wrekin Council aims to become one of the first local authorities in the country to adopt a comprehensive planning document for supported, specialist and accessible housing.

Telford & Wrekin Council gives green light for new accessible housing planning document

The council approved proposals for the ‘Homes for All Supplementary Planning Document’ at its Cabinet meeting today (Thurs).

The document ties in with the council’s vision to offer people places to live that meet their needs and provide them with independence, choice and control over their daily lives.

As well as providing information about the need for different types of accommodation, the document also provides guidance on how accommodation should be built as well as information about the design of developments.

It sets out how accommodation will be delivered for older people, those with physical disabilities, vulnerable young people and those with mental health issues.

The document also aims to provide planning application guidance for developers to help speed up the delivery of new accommodation for residents. 

Councillor Richard Overton (Lab), Telford & Wrekin Council Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Housing, Enforcement and Transport, said: “The supplementary planning document is part of the council’s wider approach to providing better homes in the borough and supports the delivery of the Supported & Specialist Accommodation Strategy.

“We are aiming to lead the way with this document which will enable us to assess housing need across the borough and help to drive the delivery of support, specialist and accessible accommodation.

“It will also compliment other council initiatives such as the virtual house and independent living centre.”

In addition, the document sets out plans for the future proofing of housing which will enable residents to stay in their homes for longer and aims to ease the pressure on the NHS.

Richard added: “We recognise that accessible housing is a matter of national importance which needs to be addressed and the development of this new document is a huge step towards that.”