Council moves forward to adopt roads in Lawley Square

Telford and Wrekin Council has adopted a network of roads centring on Birchfield Way in Lawley Village also known as Lawley Square.

Council moves forward to adopt roads in Lawley Square

The Council has been working with the Lawley Development Consortium to bring forward roads to an adoptable standard, under what’s called a S38 agreement.

This agreement secures the adoption of the highways and ensures longer term maintenance costs, such as landscaping, are not passed onto the Council or tax payer – it also incorporates other statutory bodies such as Severn Trent Water to deliver their statutory maintenance responsibilities for the foul and storm water systems..

The road adoption means the Council will be able to routinely inspect the area and address issues such as road maintenance from footpath to kerb edges, irresponsible parking, grounds cleansing and public bins.

Councillor David Wright, Cabinet Member for Economy, Housing and Transport & Infrastructure said:

“These roads are a central part of Lawley and form part of wider works to adopt the new roads in this thriving community. The Council has worked collaboratively with the developers to finalise the structure in this large urban development that has been a part of Telford’s growth agenda for a long time, and we’re committed to making this an attractive and safe space. Replacement of the bollards alongside the square with bespoke units is just one example of how we’re doing this while minimising costs for upkeep.”

The highway adoptions completed to date are Lawley Square, the primary infrastructure spine road through Phase 3 up to the Wrekin Way, known as Birchfield Way and Stoney Fold. Persimmons Road within Phase 6 have also been adopted which include Leonard Grove, Monastery Close (Charles Church Section), Darrell Road (Charles Church Sections), Candlin Way and Lineton Close

Both Taylor Wimpey and Barratts roads at Phase 6 are targeted to be adopted in the New Year which includes Monastery Close, Duddell Street, Rees Way, Daker Row, Lovatt Lane, Wall Close, Smithy Way, The Cloisters, Bailey Grove and Darrell Road

Further work planned in the New Year will facilitate the adoption of the Birchfield Way spine road through Phase 4 up to Synders Way, plus a number of the side roads served off it including the public art square at the junction of Bray Lane.

Phase 7 roads (Dimpson Crescent, Garsty Lane, Palin Grove, North Moor Grove, Walkiss Crescenet, Barn Fold, Jeff Grove, Machin Place, Dutimoors Drive, Proctor Avenue, Bryce Way (Proctor Avenue to Bird Way section) are targeted for a spring 2022 adoption.

The Lawley Development Consortium added:

“There has been a sustained collaborative approached applied to road remedial and completions in recent times at Lawley, which have cumulated in the recent adoptions at Phase 2 and in part at Phases 3 and 6 by the Local Authority. Works will continue into the New Year ensuring all remaining built phases have full compliant road adoptions at the earliest opportunity.”