Telford & Wrekin Council backs World Homeless Day 2021

Telford & Wrekin Council is highlighting the great strides being made to tackle homelessness in the borough in the run-up to World Homeless Day 2021.

Telford & Wrekin Council backs World Homeless Day 2021

World Homeless Day, on Sunday 10 October, aims to raise awareness of homelessness and encourages local communities to help those who are in need of accommodation.

There are many reasons why people become homeless including relationship breakdowns, family eviction or a loss of private rented accommodation.

Figures from September show the council has now housed over 370 people who were previously rough sleeping and worked with a further 419 to prevent them rough sleeping since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020.

The council has helped rough sleepers through a series of innovative projects which have been rolled out across the borough.

They include the ‘Everybody In For Good’ campaign which launched at the start of the pandemic and the Next Steps Accommodation Programme.

Through a local Rough Sleeping Taskforce with partners Maninplace, Kip@Maninplace, STAY Telford, MPFT, STARS, Telford & Wrekin Council is providing support and offers emergency accommodation to those rough sleeping or facing rough sleeping. 

Anyone concerned about someone rough sleeping or if you are facing homelessness can contact the Council via a single hot line Housing Hotline on 01952 381925.

Cllr David Wright, Cabinet Member for Economy, Housing, Transport and Infrastructure, said: “World Homeless Day is an excellent platform to highlight homelessness and how we can support members of our community who have nowhere to live.

“Our latest figures show the excellent progress we continue to make to ensure people in our borough are supported into safe and suitable accommodation and we remain committed to helping all borough residents with their housing needs.

“The work we are doing in the borough is making a difference and ensuring that local people, who have been living on the streets, often through no fault of their own, have a roof over their heads.”

The Next Steps Accommodation Programme has enabled the council to purchase 13 empty or disused properties which are all currently occupied and working well.

In addition, the council also works with over 450 households per annum – including individuals, couples and families – who are homeless or who will become homeless within 56 days.

As well as raising awareness, World Homeless Day is also an ideal stage to encourage local communities to respond to homelessness and make a difference locally. 

If you would like to help our local charities to support those facing homelessness you can donate through our website: 

Cllr Paul Watling, Cabinet Member for Co-operative Communities, Engagement and Partnerships, added: “Having a safe place to live and a roof over your head is something many of us take for granted but lots of people in our borough need that support.

“We remain committed to supporting local people, giving them the stability they need and a place they can call home.”

The council’s ongoing campaign called No Return to Rough Sleeping, urges residents who see someone rough sleeping to call the Housing Hotline on 01952 381925.