Safer & Stronger Communities CCTV Programme

A new, improved and future-proofed CCTV system is nearing completion going above and beyond its original project specification.

Safer & Stronger Communities CCTV Programme

More than 400 fixed cameras, included upgraded HD and 4k cameras, are now feeding high quality video  to a control room in Oakengates operated by volunteers approved and managed by West Mercia Police. There are also 15 mobile cameras that can be sent to hot-spots to tackle anti-social behaviour and environmental crime.

The new technology has also managed to integrate a number of different standalone systems that previously ran independently in some areas of the borough.

It was made possible through Telford & Wrekin Council’s investment of £200,000 and an investment from the West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner of £245,000. A further £47,000 was later secured by the Police and Crime Commissioner from the Home Office for Brookside as part of the Safer Streets project to enhance community safety and reduce acquisitive crime in the area. 

A report to update a meeting of Telford & Wrekin Council’s Cabinet on Thursday 27 May describes how the original boroughwide project incorporated 12 sites to be upgraded, however with additional funding opportunities the Council has been able to upgrade a further eight sites taking the total to 20 locations that includes Wellington, Oakengates, Dawley, Madeley, Brookside, Sutton Hill, Hadley, Leegomery, Arleston, Malinslee, Hollinswood, Randlay, Newport, Telford Ice Rink, Dark Lane Car park, Town Park Visitor Centre, Southwater 1, Southwater, Multi storey car park and Donnington Parade shops.  14 more cameras to provide localised CCTV coverage continue to be added to the system as part of the Community Action Team partnership created through funding by town and parish councils, matched by Telford & Wrekin Council.

The report adds that the video feeds to the control room in Oakengates and allows in the future for these images to be viewed from Malinsgate police station. There will be further CCTV improvements in Sutton Hill and Donnington as part of the Safer Streets programme first implemented in Brookside.

Councillor Richard Overton, Telford & Wrekin Council’s cabinet member for enforcement said: “I have seen the control room for myself and it is a fantastic facility. It has the investment and the high quality of the images that the police can use to deter crime and also stop anti-social behaviour.

“We know from the results of our 2020 Telford & Wrekin residents survey that 77% of respondents either strongly agree’ or ‘tend to agree’ that their neighbourhood is a safe place to live. Our new CCTV system is helping to keep it that way by being reassuringly visible and by providing hard evidence when needed.

“We always pride ourselves on being on the side of our residents and this will help support that approach by reducing criminal activity and adding to community safety; making people feel safe in our borough towns and the town centre. This CCTV project continues to remain a key part of the wider £2.5m building safer and stronger communities programme.”

John Campion, West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner added: “People should feel reassured and safe where they live, without fear of becoming a victim of crime themselves or having criminal activity take place within their community. By utilising the technology we have available, CCTV can help greatly with that. 

“I have been proud to invest a considerable amount of money towards this new and improved system, as it works to reduce criminal activity and make people feel safer.”