ADASS Peer Review finds Adult Social Care Services ‘exceptional’ at Telford & Wrekin Council

A recent Peer Review Challenge judged Telford & Wrekin Council’s Adult Social Care services as ‘exceptional’

ADASS Peer Review finds Adult Social Care Services ‘exceptional’ at Telford & Wrekin Council

The peer review, which comprises a system of self regulation based on a sector-led improvement approach, was undertaken by a challenge team of senior sector Association of Directors of Adult Social Service (ADASS) figures from across the West Midlands.

The ADASS team were with Telford, ‘virtually’, for one week during March 2021 and engaged with staff, managers, people with lived experience of social care, carers, elected members, partners and voluntary sector colleagues. The process also included a Social Care Practice review and case audit during November 2020.

The ADASS peer team were able to review documentary evidence around performance, structures, processes and policies in advance as well as conducting ‘virtual’ meetings and group sessions with stakeholders.

The review focussed on a number of elements including identifying and reflecting best practice opportunities that could be further developed.

Summarising their findings, the peer challenge team stated that “Telford has exceptional adult social care operational delivery and partnerships relationships and is in a strong position to position itself as the leader of the population health, economic restoration and maximising the digital inclusion offer at the local place”.

The review found good evidence of focus on social care practice, values and professional curiosity, particularly in exploring how people can be supported to live independently. Values-driven leadership, a ‘do the right thing’ attitude and a tangible sense of pride among staff regarding working in and for Telford were also noted.

The findings will provide reassurance to more than 3,000 people (and their families) who currently have adult social care support plans delivered by Telford & Wrekin Council that they are receiving among the best care in the country.

Cabinet Member for Health & Social Care, Cllr Andy Burford said:

“We welcome the overwhelmingly positive findings of this peer review. They highlight the progress the council is making against two of our core priorities, namely that we ensure every child, young person and adult lives well in their community, and that we are a community focussed, innovative council providing efficient, effective and quality services."

Council Leader, Cllr Shaun Davies added:

“On behalf of the council, I would like to pay tribute to our health and social care staff. Sincere thanks and huge congratulations to everyone involved in delivering this service to such an exceptional standard, particularly during such an incredibly challenging year.”