Latest Covid-19 announcement

Following the government’s announcement last night, Telford and Wrekin remains under tier 2 restrictions.

However the government has announced changes to the Christmas holiday period.  They are asking us to keep local throughout Christmas and to stay within our own borough.  We must also limit our travel, so we can all play our part in helping prevent the spread of the virus.  

The new variant of coronavirus means that we need to be increasingly vigilant as it is more easily transmitted.   Remembering the basics is vital and washing your hands more regularly, especially when you have come in from outside, covering your face with a mask and keeping two metres apart from other people is more essential than ever. 

Families and households should now not mix inside over the holiday period except on Christmas Day when three households are allowed to come together.  This should be seen as the maximum for household mixing and not a target.

Councillor Shaun Davies, Leader at Telford & Wrekin Council, said:

“The government’s announcement last night is a stark reminder that we all need to be alert and incredibly careful over the Christmas period.  

“The new strain of coronavirus is likely to be in Telford and Wrekin already, albeit in small numbers.  That means many of us will need to change our plans for Christmas.  Whilst we are still allowed to have three households mixing on Christmas Day only, it doesn’t mean that we should and I urge all of our residents to do the right thing to keep each other safe.

“If you think you or a family member has symptoms it is important that you get a test straightaway, regardless of how mild the symptoms are.   This new strain can be deducted by testing, so you will be helping and protecting yourself, your family as well as your community.  

“I recognise that this is a worrying time for people and many of you will have questions about the changes the government have announced.  Together with council officers, I will be holding a live Q & A on Facebook at the start of the week.”

More details can be found here.