Volunteer army growing thanks to Council Plan promise

During September, the Council is highlighting the ways that it has worked to fulfil the promises made in its Council Plan last autumn.

The Council Plan made more than 150 commitments and promises to protect, care and invest to create a better borough for those living, working and visiting.

The Council Plan promised:

•To develop a ‘Volunteer for Telford’ initiative, rewarding those who give their time to make our community a better place. We will create an incentive scheme to reward volunteers’ hard work.

•To continue to grow our network of Council volunteers to over 1,000 residents, including our snow wardens and street champions.

Volunteers play a huge part in the way that the Council can continue to offer some of its services and support its residents.

There are more than 20 ways in which local residents can get involved and volunteer their time and experience in the borough, for example:

•Street champions who take pride in their local community and support us with keeping their area clean and tidy, reporting issues and supporting us with environmental projects.

•Snow wardens who help to clear pavements and pathways of snow and ice in their local area.

•Health champions who use their own life experiences to improve health and well-being within their communities, including their individual circles of families, friends and workplaces.

•Feed the Birds volunteers who visit housebound residents in the borough who enjoy bird feeding and will benefit from valuable regular social contact.

•Volunteer gardeners who support vulnerable adults to develop gardening skills, to complete gardening tasks in the community.

•As well as volunteers in Adult Social Care, Children and Families Services, Library Services, the Theatre, our GEMs and more.

The one thing all of the volunteers have in common is a desire to help out in their local community.

During the coronavirus pandemic over 1200 new volunteers signed up to help support some of the most vulnerable residents in the borough. 

Cllr Paul Watling, Telford & Wrekin Council cabinet member for communities, said: “We are so proud of the amazing work that our volunteers do in the borough, their hard work and enthusiasm helps us to make our local neighbourhoods better places to live.

“It’s been a difficult few months for our borough and the country but by working with our residents and communities, we have tried to do everything can to ensure that everyone has had the help they have needed.

“We couldn’t have done this without the generosity of our volunteers who have helped us to help others at a very uncertain time.

“I will be hosting regular coffee meetings, initially these will be virtual but hopefully we can soon meet properly, with a range of community and voluntary organisations to thank them for working in partnership with us.”  

If you’re interested in volunteering visit www.volunteertelford.co.uk to see what opportunities there are and read some volunteering stories to inspire you.