Community Pride Awards Winners’ Royal Recognition

Princess Alexandra is coming to Telford this Friday, 19 July to meet the Telford Community Pride Awards winners and present them with special certificates, as recognition of their work in the community.

The Pride Awards ceremony, part of Telford’s 50th anniversary last year saw 13 publicly nominated groups and individuals win a variety of categories, recognising the difference they make in their community.

Following a fabulous Awards ceremony and fantastic media and public recognition, the Pride Award winners will be once again in the spotlight when the Princess visits.

They will receive a special Awards certificate from Princess Alexandra, The Queen’s cousin, as part of her visit to Maws Craft Centre and Coalbrookdale Museum of Iron in Ironbridge.

Princess Alexandra is well known for her support of over 100 organisations and for acknowledging the contribution of people to various causes and volunteering activities.

Julie Ward, winner of Unsung Hero Award said: “It was very humbling to be among the worthy winners of Pride Awards but most important, to continue to play an important part in our community and help make our borough what it is today, a place that we all love, the place we are proud to call home.

“It’s fantastic that so many people do so much great work in our borough and inspire others to do likewise – I am sure all the winners are really excited about the Royal Visit that is a recognition of this.”

Gary Carey, member of Street Champions group, winners of the Environmental Champion category, commented: “There are nearly 700 Street Champions in the borough - being a winner of Pride Awards and getting to receive a special recognition on this Royal Visit is fantastic for all the volunteers and their hard work.

“This not only motivates us further but it also inspires more people to join us, to help make our borough cleaner and give something back to the community.”

Kate Phillips from Christmas Smile project said: “We were thrilled to win the Pride Awards on Best Community Support group.

“To be invited to the Royal Visit is really an honour and couldn’t have been a better recognition of all the work we are doing with the help of hundreds of volunteers,  to support vulnerable people in Telford at Christmas time.”

Cllr Rae Evans, Cabinet Member for Customer Services, Partnerships, Culture & Leisure said: “We very much look forward to welcoming Princess Alexandra to Telford and to again highlight the invaluable work of this borough’s amazing community.

“Her visit really puts Telford on the map and showcases the very strong community we have here, with so many wonderful people who come together and get involved to make our borough such a great place to live in.
“We can never say ‘Thank you’ enough.”

To find out more about the winners of Pride Awards, please visit .

Interviews with the winners and their stories have also been published here.

Pictured: Winners of Telford Community Pride Awards, at the award ceremony at Telford International Centre in November 2018

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