Telford 50 Legacy - Invigorating buildings at the heart of Dawley community

Great Dawley Town Council uses its share of Telford 50 Legacy Fund to refurbish three key community buildings, Dawley House, St. Leonard’s Church and Dawley Town Hall as well as improving two popular play areas. This is part of a £750,000 Telford & Wrekin scheme, which is giving £150,000 to each of the borough’s five main towns, including Great Dawley, as part of Telford 50 celebrations.

Great Dawley Town Council has a very ambitious programme to refurbish and upgrade key local community spaces for people living in Dawley and Malinslee.

The work being delivered a part of this programme and the Telford 50 Legacy Funding for Dawley House and St. Leonard’s Church has started to make a huge impact on those who use the building.

Thanks to a £16,000 Telford 50 Legacy funding, renovations at community venue Dawley Town Hall are also planned in the coming months.

Councillor Shaun Davies, Chair of Great Dawley Town Council said “The Telford 50 grant goes towards helping the Town Council make an extensive range of improvements, including an upgrade to the heating systems and to the electrics as well as a review of building safety and access into the building, which improves the facilities for its users, visitors and hirers.

“All these will help us create a much more attractive and comfortable venue, with better facilities for our users to enjoy – these improvements also increase the interest in hiring our community spaces and as such, keep our centre going for generations.”

Great Dawley Town Council have also make a commitment that will benefit this project with match funding.

Also thanks to the Telford 50 grant, two popular play areas in Great Dawley will be resurfaced, extended and improved with new play equipment as well as with painting of existing equipment (fence, gates, furniture).

Chiltern Gardens Play Park has been awarded a £32,000 grant (with match from Great Dawley Town Council of £8,000) while Dawley Park play area benefits from a £14,000 grant, with match funding of £3,500 from the Town Council.

Councillor Malcolm Randle, Mayor of Great Dawley Town Council says: “I am delighted to see so much work being carried out here in Dawley, to improve key community buildings (such as Dawley House, St. Leonard’s Church and Dawley Town Hall), make them more welcoming spaces and as such, opening them up to a wider variety of uses.”

“With popular play areas also about to undergo significant improvements, we can definitely say that we are able to support our community so much better,  long into the future – there couldn’t have been a better legacy of Telford 50.”

Cllr Hilda Rhodes, Cabinet Member for Transport, Roads and Broadband said: ”We’ve asked our residents what they want the Telford 50 legacy funding to support – they’ve decided that the refurbishment or purchase of community buildings and facilities would be most beneficial.

“In addition to £240,000 worth of small buildings grants to community groups all across the borough, we’ve been working with the Town Councils for the regeneration of key buildings in local areas – all these Dawley refurbishments are great examples of the Telford 50 Legacy grant impact.”

The £2 million Telford 50 Legacy Fund supports a mix of physical schemes as well as other projects that help tackle key social issues in the borough and reduce demand on council services.
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Pictured at Dawley Town Hall (left to right): Cllr Hilda Rhodes (Cabinet Member for Transport), Clare Turner (Clerk of Great Dawley Town Council)