Improved support for care leavers

Telford & Wrekin Council has put together an improved offer of support for those leaving care to help them make the transition into adulthood.

Improved support for care leavers

The council’s cabinet – which meets on March 14 – is to receive a report detailing progress made against the requirements of the Children and Social Care Act 2017.

The council has worked closely with the Care Leavers’ Forum and internal and external partners to co-produce the Local Offer for care leavers.

This not only details the statutory requirements of support but also includes details of additional support and services that are available within the borough.

The Local Offer provides information about services that may assist care leavers in, or in preparing for, adulthood and independent living.

This includes services relating to health and well-being, relationships, education and training, employment, accommodation and participation to society.

The Children and Social Work Act 2017 introduced seven corporate parenting principles to which local authorities must have regard. These are embedded in the council’s approach to working with children in care and care leavers and is evidenced through performance management and quality assurance processes.

Local authorities are now required to offer support to all care leavers up to the age of 25 and the council was given “new burdens funding” of £12,000 whiich was used to employ a support worker. A total of £24,000 has been awarded for 2019/2020, which will allow the post to go full time.

Councillor Paul Watling, Telford & Wrekin Council’s cabinet member for Children and Adults Early Help and Support, said: “We are continuing to work with care leavers and partner organisations on further enhancements to the Local Offer, which will be reviewed on an annual basis.

“The Local Offer aims to be aspirational for our young people to enable them the best possible opportunities to develop into their independent adult life.

“We want to aim high for our children in care and care leavers, to support them to function independently and make positive contributions within the borough.”