2016 Letter to Home Secretary Amber Rudd on Child Sexual Exploitation

You may have seen a recent social media post about a Council letter saying that no inquiry was necessary into child sexual exploitation (CSE).

2016 Letter  to Home Secretary Amber Rudd on Child Sexual Exploitation

The letter was to Home Secretary Amber Rudd in September 2016 and followed an independent review in 2013 into CSE commissioned by the Council and an OFSTED inspection of Children’s Services in 2016. OFSTED said after their inspection: "“Work with children and young people at risk of sexual exploitation is very strong. The local authority has been a champion for tackling this issue. "

The Council and partners’ letter to Home Secretary Amber Rudd published on 23 September 2016 in full  http://newsroom.telford.gov.uk/News/Details/13389

The letter is clear that the Council fully supports and will give full co-operation to the national Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA), which is chaired by Prof Alexis Jay. The Home Office confirmed yesterday this will cover Child Sexual Exploitation  in Telford.

The Council has also called for an independent expert inquiry, commissioned centrally to ensure its independence, that focuses on Child Sexual Exploitation in Telford

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