Connecting schools and colleges with businesses

Telford & Wrekin Council is making it easier for schools and colleges to connect with local businesses to better prepare their students for the world of work.

Connecting schools and colleges with businesses

It’s launched the ‘Business School Connector’

Businesses will be encouraged to log on and offer activities to schools, such as careers talks, mentoring or mock interviews. Schools will be able to log on to see and take advantage of the experiences on offer.

Councillor Gilly Reynolds, Telford & Wrekin Council’s cabinet member for Education, Employment & Regeneration said: “This is in direct response to businesses and schools telling us they want to engage more with each other. 

“We want to raise the aspirations of young people and make them more aware of what will be required of them when they are looking for work. It is also important thatwe support those who want to enter the world of work in some way other than an academic route.”

Abi Martin, Headteacher of Southall School said: “We need more companies to come and see our pupils and see what value they can give to their businesses. I really believe there is a moral and social responsibility to ensure that our young people whether they have a disability or not feel valued and feel recognised within our society. Part of that is by giving them opportunities in the workplace that will not only raise their self-esteem but it will also ensure that they are working and adding value to society as a whole.

John Gallagher, Head of Delivery Groups, Capgemini UK Telford said: “You have an opportunity to either influence the curriculum in schools or provide role models for young people to look up to. Your employees will inevitably feel good about being involved with schools and colleges. And those schools and colleges will feel good about you because you are taking an interest. So, get involved, make a difference to you, to the young people of Telford and Wrekin and to ourfuture prosperity.

Any businesses wanting to offer their support are invited to register here