Close Women & Children’s Centre with no impact assessment? Makes no sense!

How would moving the £28m centre to Shrewsbury just two years after it opened in Telford affect women and children?

Close Women & Children’s Centre with no impact assessment? Makes no sense!
It’s emerged that the decision-makers who recommended the move earlier this week don’t know the answer. 

Telford & Wrekin Council has discovered that the Board of ‘Future Fit’ has recommended moving the centre to the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital without having first assessed the impact. 

Council Leader Shaun Davies said: “How could they make any decision without having made the necessary proper assessment first? This makes no sense.

“Whilst the Future Fit board understood that the original move of the Women’s and Children’s Centre was on the basis of health need and cost, they have chosen to reverse this decision at considerable additional cost and without even including the impact of such a move in the scope of its Integrated Impact Assessment. 

“Telford and Wrekin has the highest concentrations of children and young people and women aged 16-44 with a higher level of risk factors related to deprivation, lifestyle and ethnic origin. The case the keeping the Women & Children’s Centre in Telford now is no different to the case for bringing it here a few years ago.

“This is further evidence that the decision-making process is flawed. We wrote to the bosses of ‘Future Fit’ several times expressing our very serious concerns about the way this is being handled. Those concerns have been ignored.

“That is why next week an Extraordinary General Meeting will call on all members of Telford & Wrekin Council to endorse the launch of a judicial review, if necessary.”