Haygate Road statement

Telford & Wrekin Council takes very seriously its responsibility to plan for future housing growth.

Haygate Road statement
The new Telford and Wrekin Local Plan has involved extensive consultation with stakeholders and residents and consequently sets out proposals for the development of 15,500 new homes in locations that will support and protect local communities and ensure the managed growth of the Town.

In the light of this, it is clearly appropriate that the Council challenges decisions which it considers are wrong, which threaten this managed growth and which could potentially damage important areas of countryside’.

For these reasons and in the interests of our residents, we have decided to challenge the decision of the Government’s Planning Inspector to allow proposals for up to 290 homes off Haygate Road, Wellington.

We firmly believe we have a robust five year land supply and that our planning policies are relevant, helpful and necessary to protect our most important greenspaces while providing opportunities for new homes and jobs across our Borough.  

If we do not fight this case there is an increased risk of inappropriate large scale encroachment into open countryside and an undermining of our strategy to focus development where it supports the delivery of services and the future of our borough towns.