Local Coronavirus càses

Local tracking and tracing is providing levels of granularity and emerging detail This provides for me as a 70 + and other age groups the total data available to manage the risks and plan for the continuing Covid threat without ignorance or fear We can give it due respect in considering it a a problem for the T&W community as a whole Well done It feels as if we are taking control and managing the risk


I don't expect this to make it past censorship, but really - 687 cases in a population of this size doesn't suggest mass transmission. You fail to mention deaths where Covid is the direct and only cause of death - why is that? I suspect the numbers do not justify the draconian powers adopted - will you will publish the real, figures for, proven Covid deaths? I bet you don't have the courage to publish or respond to this

Wearing masks

Who is responsable for making people wearing masks in shop.

It's on the way

C'mon everyone. Let's avoid the inevitable if we are not careful