24Covid cases

I am 72 and always wear a mask in public and especially in shops, but am staggered at the number of people who don't (esp. younger folk!!!) think it would help if a) someone was available to tell people to wear masks, and b) if weknew where the cases were so we could either avoid that area or be extra careful.

council tax

seriously? These figures were not the ones cited in the survey you sent out so why if the majority of people surveyed agreed to a rise - why have you given a totally different rise to the one cited in the survey? We, the public, get extremely annoyed when we see the council wasting money. You generally do a really good job but can be wasteful and that is my hard earned pension (taxed) that you are wasting and I and others get cross at this. You should put up a 'report council waste' page and let the public give you some real opinions. This would serve the transparency agenda.

Stop the spread

Patking machines have metal keys that are handled and likely to spread the virus. Could we have styluses, or hand wash near by so that this can be avoided.

Liz Noakes broadcast

This is a typical, useless broadcast format. Identifying neither the direct area or circumstance of virus spread. So now everyone will suspect each other, whether shopping, exercising or talking to our neighbours.....This is LOCAL INFORMATION. Make it direct and detailed....We're not stupid.


Would it not help to trace contacts if the location of those infected is provided.

Help avoid a local lockdown

Instead of scaremongering, please tell us the scource of the 24 cases. Telford and Wrekin covers 25+ square miles and has a population of approx 175000. 24 cases represents approx 0.01% of our town. Get on with life!

face masks

i hope you are aware not all people can wear a face mask due to health and mental health i have a badge and have been made to feel ill at easy as i can not wear a mask and now feel unable to leave my home i also have a three year old child who will suffer please make people aware of this thank you

New increase in covid cases

Please do not say there is an increase and not indicate where or what has caused it. Totally irresponsible to just say in Telford rather than detail info about location or cause


Wouldn't it be more useful to tell us which areas have cases so people there can be extra vigilant. I have seen examples of people flouting the rules, especially in supermarkets so why not get the Telford ones to go back to the old rules. This will bring it home to people better than a simple warning. It is better than the threat of an area lockdown.


People aren’t keeping to any rules in the town centre. There’s groups of kids sitting on the floor outside shops. No one takes notice of the arrows. There’s no one telling people to keep to arrows or anything else. I’m disabled and have asthma so does my daughter who comes out with me. We can’t wear a mask. We go out once a week. What more can we do. Thank you


This sounds more like an excuse to force a lock down, 24 cases is not a large number when you look at the bigger picture

Provide details

Stop being vague. Tell us where are these new cases. Telford & Wrekin covers are large area.

New cases

Why can’t the wearing of facemasks be made compulsory in Telford Town Center. The number of people who do not is negating those of us who do.

Not wareing of face masks in shops

Nobody seems to care. a gov notice on the shop door saying don't enter without a mask you won't be served. Except with a £100 fine and fine them.