Stencilling on footpaths around the borough

Please can I praise the way the footpath stencilling work around the borough has been carried out. It is very effective and professionally done. First class job and those involved should take the credit.

social distancing

Tell me you wise folks at the Wrekin council, what is the point in going to the pub with those social distancing restrictions in place? isn't the idea of going to the pub for a pint or a meal about socialising? or have you missed that point? social distancing by definition is "unsocial" you can't expect people to go somewhere to socialise but put restrictions in place that will make that impossible. you will find the poor pub owners will not get many customers and their business will probably go down the plug hole because of the ill advised social distancing rules that people like you enforce. I'm just glad that i have never frequented pubs for drink only for meals, but i think I will give them a miss thank you.