Test and trace site

Re Daniel's comments about the regional test and trace site at Ironbridge Park and Ride. While the Council has provided the site for this, this is set up and run on behalf of the Government/NHS and the costs of this are not borne by the Council. This does not add to the Council's budget shortfall created by the pandemic

Wasting Money

I see your headline: Shortfall of £19m in budget due to pandemic I drive past your Covid19 test center on top of Buildwas road 6-8 times every day, not ONCE have I seen anyone use this. (I slow my car down to take a good look the place is deserted) I see 15-18 guys with high viz jackets looking bored and on their mobile phones. Not once have I seen a car drive through. The wage roll, hire of traffic signs, traffic lights, marquees etc must be costing a fortune daily. What a waste of money!!