Look after your family

I am not looking for feedback, but sharing my ideas for well being support. I have a daughter who is self employed as a beautician (homebased), with her husband as a chef and two beautiful children in years 4 & 5. No income for my daughter, my son in law is furloughed until goodness knows when and my two grandchildren are not going back to school in June. Today I sent a parcel through the post for my grandchildren with a little present in side - that made them smile. A wobbly pencil and a torch to reflect unicorn outline - nothing big. I sent them some money as they only had £50 in their bank account to last 2 weeks. I dug out an old kindle for my granddaughter as they were sharing one tablet between them and resurrected an unused laptop for them to use for getting online for learning. I got enjoyment from sharing and they got enjoyment from receiving. Everything helps in this day and age. I just look forward to hugging them all when this is over - not assuming this will be anytime soon. Look after the ones you love. x