To answer previous questions. At the time of this announcement - the evening of 21st March - the BBC postcode checker had not been updated; the datestamp was showing as 21st March at 09:00. I seem to remember the BBC postcode checker was not updated until the following day.


Can someone explain why we have had a case of somebody dying from Coronavirus in PRH while the BBC website still says there are no Coronavirus cases in T&W?


toe the party line................or we don't publish !!!!!


My sincere condolences to the family that lost their loved one. However the sad news should have been conveyed to the public sooner not to panic them but make them realise how important it is to social distance

Underlying health conditions

Could you please advise on what underlying health conditions are or could be. I have type two diabetes would Pythias put me at risk

Coronavirus statistics

I am reading today of the death from Coronavirus of a patient in Telford hospital at the same time as the only info I can find about the number of cases in T&W (from the BBC website) tells me that as of yesterday 20th March, there were no cases of Coronavirus in T&W. Are we being given the info we should be getting?


Any news whether or not the person had any underlying health conditions?


I have been ill since Monday 16/03/2020 I have heart failure & Asthma but there is no test why ?


No confirmed cases but now ONE DEATH Obviously no testing until near death. Great innit !!!!!!!!!!!!