Should i keep my children off school?

I have 3 children 2 in main stream and 1 in special school (Southall) my wife has asthma and is susceptible to lung/chest infections and i am worried about her so should i keep my children off school to keep her safe and if i do will i receive a fine?

Corona virus

While there might not be any recorded incidents of infection, repeating this just gives a false sense of security. The message now should be that we must assume the virus is present in the community now but just hasn't been detected. As a consequence we should all be adhering to the guidelines from the government about preventing spread and looking out for others in the community who might be at risk. We need to step up a gear.


Don't you think it is rather irresponsible of Telford & Wrekin Council to be encouraging a mass gathering in Ironbridge in the face of a pandemic ?


How do you know there are no cases in Telford when SATH are not screening in the community and people are self - isolating? Is this about managing panic rather than transparency?