Response to Philip Castle

Hi Philip - I and my cabinet colleagues are as dismayed as you by the decision of Telford and Wrekin Clinical Commissioning Group to cut this funding from the Severn Hospice and been very clear in our opposition to this cut. We continue to work to persuade the CCG, which is part of the NHS and a totally separate organisation from the Council, to reverse its decision.

Severn hospice

To Andy Burford- H&SC I am unable to attend the cabinet meetings next week to express my view personally. Could you please explain why the Telford & Wrekin Clinical commissioning group reduced the annual budget by £250.000 for this financial year to our local hospice? We now only have 7 beds available instead of 9 and T&W is developing at an alarming rate. Shrewsbury CCG allocated finances to their Shrewsbury site to enable them to continue to offer the full 12 bed facility to local residents. Telford CCG state that terminally ill local people can be cared for at PRH. With facilities already overstretched at PRH , and end of life care offered at a much better provision at Severn hospice I fail to understand their ridiculous decision. I look forward to your reply and trust that you will be able to put pressure on to reverse this situation. Many thanks

Health and Social Care

In reply to Stuart Wakefield: You are absolutely right about the pressures on our services and until the Government addresses the underfunding problem these pressures will get worse. This is despite the protection we have given to our local funding and the huge efforts we have made to provide support to people in their own communities We are very aware of how reliant we are on people like yourself who provide care for their family members and friends. This caring is given lovingly and willingly but at a cost in terms of strain and money. Working with our partners in the voluntary sector we try to do all we can to provide support in these circumstances. If you (or others reading this) would like to find out what support is available please contact me Andy Burford Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care

Health and Social care

To Andy Burford, the increasing numbers of people who need care as they get old is putting pressure on your services. We moved from a small bungalow to a larger house so we could look after my father-in-law. We do not get any help but we are saving your department a lot of money if you had to find a place for him. I people like us had some help more families could look after there parents and save your department a lot of money.