Electoral Roll

Hi Joe. Thanks for taking time out to message us. Whilst the law allows fines to be imposed, we prefer to give residents every opportunity to complete the process and ensure they are correctly registered, rather than impose a fine. The deadline for production of the new electoral register is 1st December each year, so all responses we receive by late November will always be included.

Electoral Roll - Response for Helen Logan

Dear Helen, firstly, thanks for responding and we agree with you. Telford & Wrekin Council is legally obliged to send the reminders which is why we are appealing to people to send them back – even if there is no change. The current process is being reviewed by the Cabinet Office, with a view to making it much more flexible in 2020. Until then, each resident must respond, which is why we work hard to obtain as many responses as possible.

Electoral Register

Dear Stuart. Thank you for responding. We are aware that a fraction of people are occasionally sent a second reminder. We have systems in place that measure responses and if large numbers crop up we investigate to ensure the letters have been delivered and not duplicate mailings. If you would like to contact us direct with your name and details we can ensure you are correctly registered. Please email: registration@telford.gov.uk or call 01952 383206

electoral role

I filled in the form when it arrived and posted it the same day. Then some time later another form arrived, so I filled it in and posted it that day. I do not think I am the only one to have this happen, there must be something wrong with the system.

£35,000 spent on reminders

I feel this is a huge waste of council tax payers' money, these reminders have been sent, I believe, to everyone not sending their information back. I suspect a huge proportion of these reminders have been sent to people who have no changes to report and don't think they need to report a 'no change'. People have a choice, if they don't return their form they are not entitled to vote. The money spent on reminders should be spent on more worthy causes - the free school meals, hours of care and potholes filled mentioned in the article.

Elector Register

Why spend THAT much money on chasing people if they can,t respond they are not likely to vote That amount of money could be better spent elsewhere

Several thousand still to respond to Household Electoral Register

Well if the first notice went out with a completion date on it, which it didn't, the second reminder (which did have a completion date on it) wouldn't need to be sent as you could then enforce the fine on residents which would see an income rather than expenditure on this exercise - ultimately the reporting of the fines would have more impact with residents and they would complete their registrations sooner the following year.