Consultation, What consultation

The consultation process is a joke, the outcome has been predetermined despite the evidence. As soon as the to health authorities merged it was the death knell for the PRH. They want to move as many services to Shrewsbury as possible. All of the research points to the need to maintain a fully operational A&E and Mother and baby unit at the PRH but you can spin the statistics to give the outcome that you want to prove. How is it fair that the knago that sits consists of vertually no representation for Telford. Look at the resent result in Worcester. despite the 80% opersition from the public, who pay for the services, the changes were forced through. As I said consultation, what consultation, its a joke!!

Robust community services?

I find it very strange that they plan to substitute our a&e with more robust community services when they have just shut down Malling Heath Wrekin GP practice and walk in center. Malling heath has been my registered GP service for years and now I'm pushed to join Wellington medical practice, with 100s of bad reviews on the NHS choices website this surgery is so over welmed that my grandmother who has kidney failure and is yet to retire was told that she could not book appointments for her weekly blood test or to see the doctor (not even a month in advance or a week in advance or even that morning) and her only option was to turn up and wait each day (bit difficult when you work full time).

Prh Hospital

With Telford growing as fast had it is with factories like Magna and the new Army stores and loads of other business we need a fully Hospital Not half of I remember when The only hospital was Shrewsbury and the amount of people that Died in them days.Even With the new motorway it is still a long distance. A bit of a joke when we have a fully good Hospital and For Shrewsbury to want the Mother and baby unit is a total joke