Cultural life

Telford is certainly a great place to live in a beautiful part of the country. It would become even more so, if we were able to be able to offer more cultural opportunities....a small, accessible really well-designed art gallery to show international exhibitions of everything from modern sculpture to African encourage children's natural interest in art and provide a cultural talking point, would get my vote for a start ! Then some of the outlying villages and communities host music and poetry festivals. How amazing it would be if central Telford could have that sort of exciting vibe and expand what's available in its centre, which is so inviting now, but a little overwhelmed with eateries. I do think people yearn for places to be other than nice as they are ! As a family already we use the cinema, bowling alley, park, excellent library, pleasant shopping centre and great swimming pools - Go Telford !!

Scout hut in Newport

Please think about replacing the scout/cub hut in Newport. My son has just joined and I am dismayed at the facilities you rent out and do not maintain. Very disappointing, all the leaders and volunteers give up their time to help these young people and it keeps them off the streets; there is already a lack of funding for groups aimed at children/young adults. You should be proud of the charities in your borough who are helping these children/young adults and do your upmost best to support them. We don't need a logo..we need action!


What information do you need initially regarding projects in need of funding? We are launching a centre to work with people experiencing mental ill health with lived experiences which have, for them, been traumatic. We are interested in funding for this service for the people of the Borough of Telford and Wrekin. How much information do you need in a proposal at this stage??

£2m fund

Use the £2m to reduce the rates, not some pointless vanity projects.